About Us

We are a group of parents, Pinellas County teachers and youth volunteers working to help youth on the autistic spectrum from the ages 8 to adults how to sail independently or with a little assistance. We provide our youths and their families with a support group and a place for our sailors to learn and practice their social skills in a safe environment.

A safe , enriching and affordable sailing program for Asperger's and high functioning individuals within the autism spectrum disorder.

*****Due to the Covid-19 and the distancing laws in place by the government. Freedom Sailing will be cancelling our Volunteering event and our come out and Meet us events at Philippe Park on May 16th and 23rd. *******

Freedom appreciates our volunteers but FSC must go by government Covid-19 laws. We will still need volunteers so please contact Freedomsailingcamp@gmail.com to sign up. Then we can forward what days you will be able to volunteer
with our program. 

Freedom will be sailing with only four individual students each day. Look at our booking system on our Facebook site for days we will be sailing each week. We will only be working with groups of four individuals and individuals one on one sailing lessons. Right now, Freedom will only be sailing on weekdays. Freedom has found that weekend sailing is not safe for our group because of the crowded beach area. 

Welcome to Freedom Sailing Camp of Florida Inc.

Freedom Sailing has exciting news as of the beginning of this year we have gained most our equipment back that was stolen by receiving equipment donations to the program. We received grant funds from West Marines to acquire some of the remaining items need and received donations from Morgan and Morgan, Knox Foundation and Guardian Trust Foundation that supports our program. Thank you all so much for your support!!!!

***See our Summer Camps Social Story under the link Below ***

Our Mission Statement: 

Freedom Sailing Camp of Florida's Mission is to provide safe, enriching and affordable sailing for High Functioning individuals within the autistic spectrum disorder. It allows them to explore and develop social skills that will empower them to strengthen their self-esteem and help them become self-sufficient individuals. 

***FSC PARTNERS WITH -Card-USF ,Guardian Trust ,Knox Foundation, TK Foundation , West Marines , Morgan and Morgan , Autism Speak***